86. Crime on the Rise

A woman is standing at a bus stop noon. A van pulls up. A young man out of the van, grabs the woman’s purse, back into the van, and it drives off.

elderly man is standing on the sidewalk in of his home at 10:30 p.m. He is the full moon. A car pulls up right front of him and stops. Two men get . One man punches the old man in the . The other man takes the man’s wallet out his pants. They get back into their car drive off.

A woman puts her laptop and into her car in her driveway at 3:15 .m. She starts the car, and then remembers that forgot to turn off the TV. She goes into her house, turns off the TV, and back to her car. Her purse and her are gone.

The department of transportation built an freeway on top of the 110 freeway in Angeles. The new freeway is supported by more 100 thick concrete columns. Since the freeway was , each column has been tagged with graffiti and at least ten times.

Late one night, someone to raise a heavy metal shopping cart to top of a flagpole outside a supermarket. The morning, a 56-year-old supermarket worker hooked up the flag and started to raise it by pulling the rope. A second later, the cart crashed on her. She was permanently paralyzed. When released the hospital, she told a TV reporter that forgave the culprit. “Please don’t do this again,” said. “You might kill someone, and that would terrible.” A police spokesman admitted that they might ever find the “prankster.”