93. A Dream from Beyond (2)

The next day, I called my mom. “Do remember me walking into the pond and grandpa me?”

“My God! Who told you about that?”

mean, it really happened?”

“Yes, but your father I never told you about it because grandma us to silence. Even though it wasn’t her , she felt that she had failed in her , and never wanted you to know about it. goodness, that was so long ago. Who told this?”

“Mom, did I go for a walk grandpa and return with daisies for you and ?”

“Okay, I get it. You and your dad playing some kind of prank. Okay, it’s very . Now, quit it.”

“This is no prank, mom. told me this in a dream last night.”

still sounds like a prank.”

“No, I’m serious. told me that grandma had a reaction to . He said I was wearing brown and white Brown shoes. He said I gave you and daisies.”

“Oh, my God. Your father would never all this. It must be Daddy! Did he anything about visiting his gravesite?”

“Yes, that was problem. He wanted me to visit them. He said you had not visited since—”

“—Since mom’s six years ago?”

“Well, not—”

“I’ve got to over there right now!”

“Wait for me! I’m with you, and I’ve got to bring those . Maybe we’d better start going every year, huh, ?”

“Yes. There’s no telling what grandpa might tell next time.”