140. Red Meat, Gray Water 

See that bright red hamburger meat in the store? It’s bright red because a food processor carbon monoxide to the package. Most European governments not allow carbon monoxide in packages that contain products. They warn that the gas keeps the looking bright red even if the beef has to decay. This bright red color is attractive, it’s a cheap trick that allows the processor sell possibly spoiled beef.
In the US, however, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department Agriculture say not to worry, the gas is safe.
“They might change their mind,” said activist Downey, “when a lot of people get sick, it’s all over TV and radio news. These agencies bend over backward for food companies. Guess ? Processors now want to use gray water in soups. Look out, America—your favorite chicken soup will be 50 percent gray water.”
Conan Nolan, head FDA, said, “Ms. Downey has a vivid imagination. primary concern is the health and safety of consumers. Gray water is simply 'used' household water. does not include toilet water. We would never 50 percent gray water in canned soups—that amount make people sick. The amount we allow will not exceed two or three percent. People have realize that water is getting more valuable every , as the world’s population increases and the amount fresh water decreases. Just as people’s digestive systems used to contaminated water in developing countries, Americans get used to gray water in their canned and other products. Look, no processed food is percent sterile. Consider how much rat feces we in processed food today. I’ve yet to hear one American dying from eating too much rat , so a little gray water shouldn't be a either.”