144. Red Flowers Make Her See Red 

“What are these flowers doing here?” Anita asked she was about to sit in the car’s seat. The towel that covered the leather seat a couple of small red flowers sitting in crease. The flowers appeared as she straightened out towel before she sat down. She always straightened the towel before sitting down, because Logan sometimes his glasses, pen, or other items on the seat. She didn’t want to break anything by on it, nor did she want to injure by sitting on something sharp.
“What flowers?” Logan . “These flowers!” she said sharply, holding the two flowers up to his nose. He said he ’t know. He said he thought they had been for quite a while. No, they hadn’t, she him, as she put them into a tissue then put the tissue in her purse. They ’t there two days ago when she had last in his car. Maybe they had been there, she hadn’t seen them, he suggested. “Maybe you’re ! Who did you buy flowers for?” she yelled him. This was not the first time she “caught” him cheating on her. She had never caught him, of course, because he had never on her. It was a little game she to play, just to remind Logan not to .
“Well? Who did you buy these flowers for?” asked again. He was trying to think. He sure he had seen the flowers lying there days, but he had no idea where they come from. He told her that he had for a while yesterday with all the windows , to freshen the car. “You know how windy was yesterday. Maybe the flowers got blown into car.”
“Ha!” she snorted. “If I ever catch even thinking about cheating on me, we’re through! it?” On the one hand, Logan was too in love with Anita to ever cheat on . On the other, when she got bossy like , he did think—however fleetingly—about moving on.