181. The Move to Georgia (2) 

Evelyn and Jasper’s new condo certainly was small—1,200 feet. It was on the first floor of three-story building. They had no garage for their cars. In fact, they didn’t even have one parking space. When Evelyn went grocery shopping, she had to lug the groceries 100 feet from car to her condo—sometimes less if she was enough to find a parking spot close to condo.
Evelyn was on the phone with an friend in New Mexico. “Now I really appreciate convenient it was to park in my garage 20 years and walk directly into the kitchen. think how much fun I have now when ’m caught with grocery bags in a rainstorm! And neighbors. They all have their own friends—we’re outsiders. go to the community pool regularly, but no has stopped by to introduce themselves. Whatever happened southern hospitality? And my sisters? They’re all working! was the point of moving here if they all week, and on the weekend they’re usually tired to go out?
“New Mexico was so better; I had my own house, yard, and . I had a small garden in the back . I had a couple of good friends, including . Here, I still don’t have a job, even I’ve been willing to take almost anything. Jasper gone six or seven days a week trying sell Cadillacs in the middle of farm country. should be trying to sell tractors! He comes so tired that he hardly ever goes fishing. must be kicking himself for being so thoughtful me.” Her friend told Evelyn to stop being negative. They'd only been in Georgia a year. their first couple of years in New Mexico rough, she reminded Evelyn.