186. Kill Those Flies (1) 

“Leave the front door wide open, all the ,” God told Mel in a dream. Furthermore, God , put three dishes filled with raw hamburger in room in the house. Add more hamburger when dishes became empty.
A very strange dream, Mel thought, but who was he to question a from God? He opened the front door wide put the dishes in every room. The first , hundreds of flies flew in. Each day, hundreds followed. His wife Hazel was as religious as , but her complaints increased each week. So one , Mel drove to a nearby Wal-Mart. He bought dozen fly swatters and returned home. He pounded nails into each wall of each room, and a fly swatter on each nail. “There, that to do it,” he told his wife, handing a swatter.
“What good is this? The front is still wide open!” she yelled at him. said that was okay; it was God’s will. knew that He worked in mysterious ways. Maybe was going to reward them when this was over.
More and more flies moved into their Florida house. When the kids opened their mouths put food inside, flies flew into their mouths. a while, the kids got used to eating crunchy flies with their food.