187. Kill Those Flies (2) 

The flies were less active late at night, they often woke Hazel up when they walked her face while she was sleeping. “Do something these flies!” she yelled at Mel one day. “ you go to sleep tonight, have a new ! Dream that God told you to close the door and throw out all this rotting meat!”
drove back to Wal-Mart and bought two dozen of insect spray. When he came home, he the whole house. The house stank. Many flies , covering the floor and carpet. The kids got from the fumes. But the next day, more moved in. “I can’t take this anymore!” Hazel at Mel. “You have a choice—me, or the .”
“We’ll move into the back yard,” he said.
’s your solution? We have a perfectly good house, we’re going to live outside in the back ?”
“Not outside—inside,” he told his wife. “I’ll just another house in the back yard.”
“Are we to feed the flies in that house, too?”
course not—unless God tells me to. And if does, then I’ll build a third house in back yard. We’ve got a big back yard, .”
“Yes, it’s big, but it’s not big enough all the flies in the world.”