207. Car Shopping in California

Bert, 25, went car shopping in Corona. After to a salesman inside the Chevrolet showroom, Bert outside with him to look at some cars the lot. After half an hour, Bert found blue Camaro that he really liked. He went the salesman for a test drive. He liked the car as much as he liked looking it. When they returned, the salesman went inside start the paperwork.

Bert lingered outside to enjoy cigarette. He turned on his iPod and lit a Marlboro. Five minutes later he finished his , turned off the music, and started back inside.

then, he heard two loud sounds—one right after other. Both sounds were caused by falling human . Two small Cessna airplanes had just crashed 1,000 overhead. One body made a loud cracking sound it went through the roof of a new . The other body landed on the back end Bert’s Camaro. At about the same time, an from one of the planes crashed through the of the showroom. It killed the district manager the dealership, who was on the phone ordering pizza.

Thinking it was an earthquake, the salesman out of the building. When he saw Bert, asked him for a cigarette. “I quit smoking month,” he said to Bert. Bert told him the fallen bodies. They both walked over to at the corpses. Bert told the salesman how he felt for the dead people and their .

After a short pause, the salesman said, “You , we can fix this Camaro for you. It’ll like new.”

“Really? For how much?” Bert asked.

much, not much at all,” the salesman replied. then, a police car, a fire truck, and ambulance pulled up. A police officer told Bert the salesman to move away from the wreckage, to stick around for questioning.