210. A Factory Worker 

Many years ago, some women made a meager by working in a cigarette factory. It was job to put 20 cigarettes in each pack, hand. Their manager was a mean old man. carried a bamboo rod in his hand. His , who accompanied him everywhere, was even meaner.

Maura, 19, was sick. But she knew that if didn’t go to work, she would lose her . At the factory that day, she stuffed pack pack of cigarettes. Sweating and dizzy, she left cigarette out of one pack. The manager noticed error immediately. He yelled at her and then her sharply across her back with the rod. the bodyguard kicked her in the stomach. Maura up and staggered out of the factory. She at home the next day.

The day after died, her coworkers refused to enter the factory. stood outside. The manager told them to get work. He raised his arm as if to them, but they stood firm. He told them was going to get the police. They still ’t move. The bodyguard went inside and called the .

The police chief came. The women told the chief what had happened to Maura. He arrested manager and the bodyguard. He called the owner the factory. A new manager arrived later that . He told the workers that they would all the equivalent of a nickel per day raise. went back to work.

Before the chief handcuffed manager and put him in the police car, manager quietly offered the chief a great deal money to let him "escape." He told the he would leave the country and never return.