211. Bad Pork

What’s that smell, Nadine wondered. She had bought big piece of pork from the market four ago. As always, she smelled the pork after butcher handed it to her. It had smelled . But now, it didn't. She cut into the side of the pork and took another sniff. , she wrapped up the pork, grabbed her receipt, drove back to the market.

She went up the same butcher who had handed her the that morning. She asked him to smell the . He said that it smelled okay and gave back to her. She told him to call manager of the meat department. The manager came a minute later. Nadine told him about the . She also told him that he needed to butchers who had better noses. He smelled the . “Phew,” he said. He apologized to Nadine.

Then spoke to the butcher, who said he couldn’t anything because he had a cold. “You have cold and you’re handling meat and fish? Go !” The manager turned back to Nadine, apologized again, told her she could have a full refund. gave him the pork and thanked him. She a couple of fresh trout and had them up. She went to the cashier at the of the market, got her refund for the , paid for the fish, and walked out. While was getting into her car, the manager told butcher to grind up the pork with a lime juice and sell it at a 20-percent .