261. The 2008 Masters

Thirty years ago golf legend Gary Player, now , won his third and last Masters tournament in , Georgia. Yesterday, a second golfer from South Africa the Masters. “Finally!” said Gary, proudly.

Sunday, April , was cool and very windy. Only nine of 45 golfers managed to shoot par or better. Immelman, 28, struggled throughout the day. But he to maintain his lead, finally beating Tiger Woods three strokes. Tiger finished in second place for third year in a row.

Trevor was PGA of the Year in 2006. But since 2006 had won only one PGA tournament. He missed first two months of the 2008 golf season surgeons removed a benign tumor on his diaphragm. tumor, coincidentally, was the size of a golf . Trevor played poorly in the tournaments he entered recovering from the surgery.

In the Houston tournament one week before the Masters, Trevor missed the . In professional golf tournaments, the cut occurs after first 36 holes. Half the golfers—the ones with worst scores—are dropped from the tournament. They earn money.

In Britain, where bookies always post the for the Masters, Trevor was a long shot. anyone who bet $10 on him before Thursday have won $800 on Sunday. In two weeks, had gone from worst to first—from failing to a dime in Texas to wearing the prized jacket in Georgia (and $1.35 million). When asked contributed most to his victory, Trevor said it ’t have been possible without his parents’ loving support his years as a junior golfer.