265. Bad Dreams

“I had another bad dream,” she told her . “It was about you again. You and your -girlfriend were kissing. I yelled at you to stop . You looked right at me, and then you at me! She laughed, too. Then you both back to kissing. I tried not to watch, when I covered my eyes, something pulled my away. I tried to leave, but my feet glued to the ground. Finally, I woke up. course, it was very difficult to get back sleep.

“I had to drive home from Las this morning. It’s a wonder I didn’t crash times. Instead of seeing traffic in front of , all I saw was you and her. I ’t take any more dreams like this. We’re going have to break up. We can be friends, just friends. That way, I won’t be jealous , and I won’t have these bad dreams anymore.”

didn’t you call me up and tell me your dream?” he asked. “They say that the you talk about bad dreams, the sooner you’ll having them.”

She disagreed. She thought that the solution was to break up and be just . She loved him, but these dreams had become frequent that she was actually afraid to go sleep. She was losing weight and having stomachaches the stress.

He didn’t know what to do. wanted her to have pleasant dreams. He wanted to have a life without stress. He wanted to be his wife. This was it, she ; if she had just one more bad dream, were through. He squeezed her hand, but said .