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1. "___! America! God shed His grace on thee." (lyrics)
4. If you ___ church every Sunday, will you go to heaven?
5. The basement is downstairs; the attic is ___.
8. A good ___ can "sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo."
10. A barbed-wire ___ keeps the cows from straying.
12. Will global warming destroy the whole ___?
13. ESL = English as a Second ___.


1. People with ___ have allergies and often have difficulty breathing.
2. Many ___ Americans now live on their own reservations.
3. "Good fences make good ___s."
6. Muhammad Ali took many hard ___es from boxer Joe Frazier.
7. Car ___s sell new cars all over America.
8. The little girl ___ed when she saw the snake.
9. Men are attracted to a woman with a beautiful face and ___.
11. Please cover your mouth when you ___ or sneeze.