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1. While washing the dishes, she lost her ring down the ___.
3. A stew is a delicious ___ of slowly cooked vegetables and meat or fish.
5. A king wears a jeweled ___ on his head.
8. You will almost always find ___ and pepper on a restaurant table.
10. Almost everyone owns nail ___s; some people have their own hair ___s.
11. Most knife ___s need occasional sharpening.
14. Many dentists think an electric ___ is more effective than a manual one.
15. "___, mirror, on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all?" (Snow White)


2. Will the Internet and smart phones replace ___s and magazines?
4. Brain, liver, and ___ are organ meats served at many restaurants.
6. The ___ is where all the household cooking is done (except for barbecues).
7. Black ___ and chile ___s are two popular spices.
9. An apartment should always have a window that you can open in the ___.
11. ___ eagles soar in the Alaska sky; old ___ men live in Alaska's cities.
12. A cork in the bottle is used as a ___ to seal in the flavor of wine.
13. Slim and ___ are okay; skinny and bony are not.