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3. The Red Cross asks for ___s of blood or money in times of crisis.
4. Shoplifters remove the ___s off expensive items before they walk (or run) out of the store.
5. Wal-Mart has greeters who welcome you as you ___ the store.
7. In Target, the watches and jewelry are usually displayed in a big ___ case.
8. At the ___, you pay for the items you bought and the clerk gives you your change.
10. Sometimes people go shopping even though they aren't looking for anything in ___.
12. ___es used to be analog; then they became digital. But you still wear a ___ on your wrist.
13. Goodwill and Salvation Army operate many ___ stores containing used items.
14. Every watch has a ___ that encloses its working parts.


1. Without the ___s who donate their time and effort, many charities would not be able to function.
2. Before you do the wash, you have to ___ your clothes--separate the whites from the coloreds.
6. If you use a credit card, you might have to make monthly ___s and pay interest charges.
9. Some people go shopping to actually buy something; others just ___.
10. ___ bags and styrofoam cups are littering California beaches; some beach cities are banning their use at restaurants and markets.
11. The pretty young ___ helped the sweet old ___ cross the street.