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1. A female horse. "Oh, the old gray ___, she ain't what she used to be." (lyrics)
7. Horses are usually kept in a ___. The Bible does not say that Jesus was born in a ___.
8. ___s, especially from a full moon, provide plenty of light at night.
10. After the building collapsed, rescuers could hear victims quietly ___ing for help.
11. The young mother ___ rocked her new baby to sleep.
12. Her ___ was 100% cotton; her skirt was part cotton and part polyester.
13. Your ___ connects your breastbone to your shoulder blade.
15. You can ride a horse bareback or you can use a ___.


2. When you're very sleepy, you can sleep almost ___.
3. A hot, ___ day will cause many people to go to a pool or the beach.
4. An injury to the spine might cause a person to be ___d.
5. There is no such thing as "___ pregnant." Either you are, or you're not.
6. The concert audience ___ed when the announcer said the singer would be an hour late.
9. A person trying to sleep in a cold room might curl up in the fetal ___.
12. The American Red Cross motto is, "Give ___, Give Life." Call 1-800 GIVE LIFE.
14. An untamed wild horse might try to ___ a rider off its back.