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2. Garlic ___ is 100% garlic; however, garlic salt is about 20% garlic ___ and 80% salt.
4. People who don't get enough sleep might develop dark ___s under their eyes.
5. ___ people go to temple (or synagogue) on Saturday, not Sunday.
6. If you have high blood pressure, your doctor might tell you to sprinkle less ___ on your food.
7. ___ food meets Jewish standards for proper ingredients and preparation and for cleanliness.
9. Celery salt, pepper, bay leaves, and beet powder are examples of ___s.
10. ___ is found in grocery bags, credit cards, electronic devices, and automobiles.
11. If you hang ___ bulbs around your neck, vampires will leave you alone.
13. Read the ___s on food containers carefully, or you might be unpleasantly surprised at what you're eating.
14. The ___s in a package are listed on the label according to weight or volume.


1. Lilies, tulips, onions, and garlic are popular plant ___s.
2. The Boy Scout motto is "Be ___d"; be ready for what life might bring to you.
3. Food labels can be ___; for example, the number of calories listed is per serving, not per container.
4. The nicest ___ you can make about a restaurant is that you would recommend it to a friend.
8. Food is packaged in ___s of many different sizes, shapes, and materials.
12. Most people do not know what all the words and abbreviations on a food label ___.