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1. Most people would agree that 72 degrees is a comfortable ___.
5. Bathroom sinks usually have one ___ for hot water and one ___ for cold water.
6. The ___ is where tea flows out of a teapot.
7. Instead of having round handles, many modern kitchen sinks have a single ___ to control water amount and temperature.
9. You flush most toilets by pulling down on the metal ___.
13. Grandpa ___ed on his cane as he reached into the cabinet.
14. An ___ to your back might put you in bed for a while.
15. He ___bed the glass just before it fell off the edge of the table.
16. Sara likes to read a magazine while relaxing in a bath___ full of hot, soapy water.


2. Viewers of a movie might sit on the ___ of their seats if it gets scary.
3. Some mortgages are fixed rate, and some are ___able rate.
4. The man said his wife slipped off the ___ and fell 100 feet to her death; the jury didn't believe him.
6. Many people now buy ___ that also contains a conditioner.
8. Adults often relax at home wearing their bath___s.
10. If you're losing your hair, it can clog your shower ___.
11. When both the toilet seat and toilet lid are lowered, the seat is___ the lid.
12. She got on her hands and knees and ___bed the bathroom floor until it was as clean as a whistle.