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3. Fritz the TV weatherman predicted a heavy rain, but it only ___d.
4. The top ___ contains my socks and underwear; the bottom ___ contains my T-shirts.
5. County ___s feature rides, contests, great food, and farm animals; they are popular nationwide.
7. The team doctor quickly sewed up the hockey player's forehead with 20 ___es.
9. In small print on the handle of the steel tablespoon were the words, "___ by Oneida Ltd."
11. More than 1,200 people have become ill because of a nationwide salmonella outbreak caused by ___es, peppers, or cilantro. (Who knows?)
12. At the base of the knife ___ were the words, "Stainless, Solingen, Germany."
13. ___ is a popular spice that people sprinkle on apple sauce, toast, and other foods.


1. A ___ is a popular window covering made of metal or plastic. ___s can be vertical or horizontal.
2. Many products are ___d for "life," meaning the life of the product, not the life of the purchaser (that is, the ___ is a trick).
3. Modern ___ techniques allow surgery patients to recover faster and return to work sooner.
6. They say that if you don't ___ regularly on TV or in print, your business will suffer.
8. A soccer ball and a basketball are ___; they contain only air. A baseball and a bowling ball are solid.
9. You have to be very careful when you ___ bagels, carrots, or onions; the knife blade can slip.
10. A "couch ___" is a man who sits on the couch and watches TV all day long. A "couch tomato" is a woman who does the same thing.