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2. ___ ___ smoking cigarettes, he decided to switch to the nicotine patch.
4. Traffic lights ___ turn from green to yellow to red, 24 hours a day.
7. The doctor told her that, ___ ___ ___ going on a diet, she also needed to exercise more.
10. Some say that if the US ___s from Iraq, terrorists will take over that country.
11. You can pay with cash, you can use a debit card, or you can ___ your purchase to a credit card.
12. If you talk to a customer service representative about your credit card, they will usually ask for your ___ number.
13. To guard against an accidental fire, you should ___-check your stovetop before you leave your house.
15. ___s, like governments, can provide valuable products and services but can also make your life miserable.
16. The teacher ___ed to a blue marker because the red marker was almost dry.


1. After the hurricane, the store owner tried to ___ storm victims by charging $20 for a gallon of water.
3. Many computer users have ___, which is a digital subscriber line that brings high-speed broadband into their homes.
5. Social security checks and many magazines are delivered ___; newspapers are delivered daily.
6. Scientists are searching for a ___ between tomatoes and the outbreak of salmonella. So far, they haven't found one.
8. There is a ___ connection between the price of a barrel of oil and the price of gasoline; as oil prices rise, so do gas prices.
9. If you had told people in 2001 that they would be paying more than $4 for a gallon of gas in 2008, they would have laughed and said, "That's ___!"
14. ___ Washington and Lincoln are considered to be great US presidents.