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3. Enriched, unbleached ___ is a common ingredient in bagels and many other foods.
6. When you try to solve a problem, make sure your solution doesn't take you from the frying ___ into the fire.
7. Bean ___s and alfalfa ___s are popular ingredients in salads.
10. If a power outage lasts more than six hours, you should throw out the perishable food in your ___.
11. The "Nutrition Facts" label on a ___ or container will tell you how many calories are in each serving.
12. Electric ___s have 2 or 4 slots for slices of bread.
15. Oddly enough, bleached and ___ flour have the same nutritional value.
17. The red and white stripes on the US flag run horizontally, or ___.
18. Grains grown worldwide include corn, barley, oats, rice, rye, and ___.
19. Your toast will ___ ___ when it's done cooking in the toaster.


1. If you want your egg cooked "over easy," you must ___ it gently so the yolk doesn't break.
2. Most electric and gas stovetops have four ___s for cooking.
4. Jalapeno, serrano, banana, cherry, and shishito ___s are popular additions to salads and cooked foods.
5. A hot dog without ___ and onions is like spaghetti without tomato sauce.
8. ___ produce usually tastes better than ordinary produce, but it always costs much more.
9. ___ is a popular ingredient in macaroni salad. But keep that salad on ice, or it might make you sick.
13. Thirsty people want something to drink; ___ people want something to eat.
14. ___, or catsup, usually contains tomato concentrate, corn syrup, and salt; one tablespoon = 20 calories.
16. It goes into the toaster as bread, but it comes out as ___.