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1. A human body submerged in a lake will ___ with gas and eventually rise to the surface.
5. The entree is the ___ course for dinner.
6. North ___, Central ___, and South ___ comprise the western hemisphere.
7. The best way to ___ a weight problem is to start exercising and dieting.
10. September 11, 2001 was a ___ day for New York City and for America.
13. Fat in your ___ (a 'beer gut') is harder to get rid of than fat in your butt and thighs.
14. Too much ___ can affect people in different ways; headaches and stomachaches are a common result of ___.
15. "___ is like a box of chocolates," said Forrest Gump. "You never know what you're going to get."
16. Before you get ___ about something that irritates you, count to ten while you focus on your blessings.


2. "Don't ___ home without it" was a popular TV ad for the American Express card.
3. A huge meteor crashing into Earth probably ___ed the dinosaurs to become extinct.
4. ___ surgery, like major surgery, can result in complications--even death.
8. If you are ___ intolerant, milk will give you a stomachache; switch to soy milk.
9. Gas stations usually sell three grades of gas: economy, ___, and premium.
11. "Hey la my ___'s back, Better watch out now, He's coming after you." (lyrics)
12. Elected officials receive the ___ trust but often take their fill at the ___ trough.