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3. Men often ___ an attractive woman to get to know her better.
5. When you "throw in the ___," you have given up.
6. Time after time, the dog ___ally ran into the lake to retrieve the tennis ball.
7. ___ me to pick up a carton of milk when we get to the store, please.
9. He ___ed something under his breath, but no one nearby knew what he had said.
10. "Do you know what this ___s? Now we can buy a house!" she exclaimed, showing him the winning lottery ticket.
12. Modern ___ soap contains no phosphorus and comes in recyclable containers.
14. A ___ shirt collar sometimes requires some extra scrubbing to get it clean.
15. He ___bed a plastic spoon and started eating the baked beans.
16. Popular laundry ___s proclaim that they contain no dyes or perfumes, and work well in all temperatures.


1. Fitted sheets have elastic ___s that easily fit the ___s of mattresses.
2. An ___ timer is a handy kitchen device for reminding you when it's time to check the boiling eggs.
4. It's important to buy the correct size ___case for your ___.
8. Sleep Number is a popular ___ that husband or wife can adjust for sleeping comfort just by turning a dial.
11. Most people keep their bandaids, aspirin, and alcohol wipes in the medicine ___ in the bathroom.
12. Some ___s, like coffee, create stains that are difficult to remove.
13. If the ___ temperature is too hot, you might shrink some of your just-washed clothes.