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3. In American football, a game can be quite boring if one team provides no ___. What is competitive about a score of 42-0?
5. Real estate agents are in a ___ eat ___ business; you have to watch your back, your front, and your sides!
7. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be a very ___ man; now he is a weak "girly man."
8. A ___ is a professional that you can trust to help you buy or sell property.
9. Some busy or rude students don't bother to ___ their own graduation ceremony.
12. If you have an ___ for a job interview at 11:30, you'd better make sure that you're on time.
13. Jay Leno on the "Tonight Show" often jokes about how fat and ___ Americans are becoming.
14. How can you go wrong by buying ___? The more you buy, the more buildings and land you own.
15. The dog ___ stayed next to its dead master for 3 days until the old man's body was discovered.


1. If your boss tells you to do something immediately, you'd better do it ___ then and there.
2. It's difficult to ___ someone with a positive attitude; they never give up.
3. If you don't pay attention in ___, you're sure to fall behind the other students.
4. You can't solve a ___ unless you recognize and define the ___.
6. "The chief ___ of the American people is ___," said President Calvin Coolidge. Government, however, regulates ___.
10. Thomas Edison ___ed many times trying to find a filament for the first light bulb, but he considered each ___ure to be a learning experience.
11. Tai chi ___s learn from their instructor how to reduce stress and improve their physical and mental balance.