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1. Balers, corn pickers, combines, and tractors are types of farm ___.
5. Bob doesn't use his turn ___s because he doesn't want to burn out the light bulb; instead, he ___s with his arm out the driver's window.
6. The Bush government responded to the Katrina hurricane disaster ___ ___, and with too little.
8. Most people ignore a ___ car alarm; it's just another annoying sound of civilization.
12. The woman ___ into tears when she heard that her father had been killed.
13. During the Olympics, if a runner starts running before the starting gun is fired, he has caused a ___ start.
14. ___ ___ products, including shampoo and conditioner, are popular with women and men.
15. The police ___ was on his motorcycle when he got hit by a truck running a red light.


2. George tapped his foot and looked at his watch while he ___ waited in the long line.
3. The 'E' on your car's fuel gauge stands for ___; try to fill up when you have a quarter tank.
4. The Board of ___s runs Los Angeles County; the five ___s represent five districts.
7. ___ed that the car was blocking him on a San Francisco street, the killer shot to death the car's driver and his two sons.
8. When the housing market ___ burst, millions of Americans saw the value of their homes plummet.
9. Many people think that a barking dog makes the best burglar ___.
10. An alarm should ___ ___ in your head if someone offers you a deal that sounds too good to be true.
11. If you ___ sincerely after you've done something wrong, people will often forgive you.