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2. Many apartment buildings include ___s so tenants don't have to park their cars on the street.
5. If your ___ doesn't have a window, it usually has a fan that vents away odors and moist air.
6. ___ from bees contains 35% more calories per tablespoon than table sugar contains.
7. Jenny lost her ___ savings when she responded to the fraudulent e-mail by giving the writer her bank account number.
8. Grandpa likes to take a ___ right after lunch; don't wake him up.
10. People often ___ each other by shaking hands, hugging, or kissing.
11. Grandma ___ged her little grandson so long that he could hardly breathe.
13. If someone ___ tells you that you are no good, you might eventually believe it. (Get away from that person now!)
15. You can convert all your video___s to DVDs by taking the ___s to a vendor or by converting them yourself.


1. An exhaust fan in the bathroom should vent moisture ___ the house, not into the attic.
3. If you're on a diet, you should ___ sweets, pictures of sweets, and TV commercials advertising sweets.
4. Are you ___ of all the commercials on TV? A TiVo subscription will allow you to skip them.
6. Someone who is ___ for recognition and fame might do something dangerous or stupid so that he'll be on the news.
9. The woman placed her ___ on the restaurant table and sat down; a man walking by on the sidewalk grabbed her purse and ran.
12. People in many poor countries still ___ their clothes in a nearby river.
14. If you want a favor from someone, it doesn't hurt to ___ ask.