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3. Interstate and DieHard are two popular brands of ___ for your car or truck.
4. Americans must reduce the size of their ___ footprint if our planet is to survive.
9. If you want your money to grow, you should talk to the consultants in an ___ firm.
10. The members of the suicide cult put plastic bags over their heads so that they could ___ themselves to death.
11. When he saw his old ___, he ducked into the restaurant so she wouldn't yell at him for dumping her.
12. Don't ___ to check the mailbox; the mailman didn't deliver anything.
13. The ozone that surrounds and protects our planet is actually three molecules of ___.
14. In the 2008 Coney Island contest, Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi tied; they each ___d 60 hot dogs in 10 minutes! (Joey won in sudden death.)


1. A barbecue ___ is a popular device for cooking steaks, hamburgers, and hot dogs--especially on holidays.
2. People who burn wood for heat in their home without proper ventilation risk death from carbon ___.
3. On the Fourth of July, many Americans gather around a ___ grill to enjoy good food and good friends.
5. If your pants are a ___ fit after a meal, just unbutton the top button. (And maybe the second one.)
6. ___, navy blue, and black are popular dark colors for men's and women's suits.
7. Inventors are still trying to develop a fool-proof lie ___ that tells police when a suspect isn't telling the truth.
8. Older people should visit their doctors ___ for a complete physical and a blood test.
11. If you let ___ fruit sit around too long, it will rot. Don't wait--eat it while it's ripe.