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4. North and South ___ are the only two countries with "North" and "South" as part of their names.
5. Criminals often put a ___ on their face to hide their identity.
6. If you take a ___ by car, you now pay three times as much for gas in 2008 as you did in early 2001.
8. New ___ techniques allow patients to recover from surgery much faster than in the past.
9. There will be a lot of ___ment in the theater if someone yells "Fire!"
10. "Soylent Green" is a science fiction movie about the Earth in the ___. There will be simply too many people and too little food.
12. Because the federal government doesn't hire enough air traffic controllers, a ___ is sure to happen at one or more airports.
15. People who take drugs or drink alcohol risk losing ___ of their faculties.
16. Most people prefer an immediate ___ to a mail-in rebate.


1. ___ ships are floating hotels that stop at various ports so passengers can buy lots of overpriced junk.
2. Bob's wife ___s him to play golf on Mother's Day; he must spend the day with her.
3. The male ___ on the plane walked out of the bathroom completely naked and then tried to open the emergency door in mid-flight.
7. Even though they are 217 miles above Earth, astronauts aboard the international space station can see the ___ ___ of China.
11. Occasionally, everyone has a sudden ___ to scratch some part of their body.
13. ___ is the capital city of Japan and was the site of the 1964 summer Olympics.
14. "Any ___ in a storm" = "Beggars can't be choosers." Sometimes you have to settle for less than you want.