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2. Why don't shirt manufacturers sew on the ___s so the ___ don't ever fall off?
4. Hollywood makes ___ pictures that entertain people all over the world.
6. If the buttons are ___ sewed on a shirt, none of them will fall off.
12. A good way to get rid of ___ weight is to start dieting and exercising.
13. Put ___ through the eye of a needle, tie a knot in the ___, and start sewing.
14. In the old days, jeans used to ___ after many washings; now, you can buy jeans that are already pre-___d.
16. It's a good idea to keep a sewing ___ at home for occasional emergencies.
17. The two gears used most often in cars with automatic transmissions are Drive and ___.
19. A ___ parking space is difficult to get into and out of.


1. There are 18 ___s in golf but only one ___ in a doughnut.
3. Some women are attracted to a man with a big nose; other women think a big nose is ___.
5. A ___ tack keeps your ___ attached to your shirt so the ___ doesn't end up in the soup you're eating.
7. Why do I have to ___ myself? I said, Why do I have to ___ myself?
8. "Lose" and "___" are two words that people misspell, misuse, and mispronounce. If your pants are ___, you will lose them.
9. It's best to use "north" and "south" when you give street ___s; turn "right" and turn "left" can be confusing.
10. Built in 1962, the Space ___ in Seattle is 607 feet tall with a revolving restaurant near the top.
11. The phrase "___ glider" can refer to the person or to the glider itself; both soar silently through the sky.
15. A seamstress and a tailor ___ clothes for a living.
16. If you don't tie a ___ in your shoelaces, your shoes won't stay on your feet.
18. Use a pair of scissors to ___ off any excess thread when you're finished sewing something.