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1. You shouldn't ___ your nose in other people's business.
4. It's not polite to reach for or ___ something at the dinner table; ask someone to pass it to you.
6. Some (very lucky) people live their ___ life without getting sick even one day.
8. Women like to wear ___ tops in summer because the tops leave their shoulders bare and keep them cool.
11. ___ after dinner can be pastry, ice cream, or fresh fruit.
12. Children like to stick their ___s out at each other to make fun.
14. Farmers get up before sunrise to do many of their daily ___s.
15. Tiger Woods used to ___ all over the golf course until fans complained about how disgusting his ___ting was.
16. People whose teeth are close together must buy extra strong ___ to use between their teeth.
17. If the cuffs and pockets of your slacks begin to ___, it's time to buy new slacks.


2. Without Thomas A. Edison and thousands of ___ors like him, what would the world be like today?
3. After you eat, you should brush, floss, and ___ your mouth with a non-alcoholic mouthwash.
4. Singers frequently ___ with salt water before each performance to moisten and soothe their throats.
5. A loving mother will go to any ___ to provide food and shelter for her child.
7. Dentists recommend that people use a gel ___ that includes fluoride to help fight tooth decay.
9. The professor's only ___ with the law in the last 10 years was a warning about his tinted car windows.
10. Kids think fruits are ___; they dislike vegetables, because they don't taste good.
13. You should visit your ___ hygienist at least once a year so she can scrape all the tartar off your teeth.