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1. Where would we be if Bill Gates hadn't founded ___, the world's biggest and richest software company?
4. If you're going to start college and you're not rich, try to get a loan, a grant, or a ___.
7. A good massage helps many people ___.
8. Tinker Bell is the ___ made famous in the 1953 animated Disney film "Peter Pan."
9. A basketball team has two guards, two ___s, and a center (who is usually the tallest player).
11. The rich have ___of money; the poor have ___ of children.
13. In a game of poker, you can check, fold, or ___ the bet.
14. Usually, an invention should have some kind of ___ application--why invent a can opener if there are no cans?
15. If you can't ___ ___ the solution to a problem by yourself, ask for help (or click on FAQ).


2. The legend of Paul Bunyan is a tall ___ about a huge lumberjack.
3. In 2000, almost 740,000 ___ (under the age of 18) were reported missing in the US.
4. "The Right ___" is the title of a popular book and a movie about the first US astronauts.
5. If you manage to graduate from Yale, Princeton, or ___, everyone will respect you and envy you. (Or so they say.)
6. The Associated Press reported that there were more than 10 million ___s in the world in 2007; there were only about 940 billionaires.
10. "What--Me ___?" is the famous motto of MAD Magazine's smiling cover boy, Alfred E. Neuman.
12. "___ Street," starring Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog, has been entertaining and teaching the world's children for 40 years.