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1. All of us know a ___ when we meet one; he's a phony who enjoys causing problems for others.
4. Members of the Religious Society of ___ are also known as Quakers or Children of Light.
7. Laura was a ___ woman--she sold her business and, without knowing English, moved to America to raise her only child.
9. Sometimes a drunk driver will drive for miles going the ___ way on the freeway.
11. If someone calls you "___y Pants," they are joking that you act like you know everything.
12. If a son ___s his father and the father ___s his son, it's a mutual admiration society.
13. ___s are the most popular kind of bird that is smuggled into the US.
14. is a popular web site for meeting someone you might date and even marry.


2. It's a good idea to go to MapQuest first if you don't want to ___ your way.
3. There's always the chance that if you take something ___, you won't be able to put it back together again.
4. "If the glove does not ___, then you must acquit." (Johnnie Cochran, Jr. during the 1995 OJ trial)
5. Sometimes researchers on two different continents make the same discovery ___ly of each other.
6. There's no such thing as a ___ crime, because even if the criminal succeeds, karma or God will get him one way or another.
8. A husband and wife who aren't talking to each other might go to a marriage counselor to help ___ their problems.
10. "Get a ___ of that woman" means to take a look at her.
11. A person who is truly generous ___s from his substance, not from his surplus.