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1. ___ is usually the last resort for people suffering from chronic pain. No one likes to go under the knife.
5. Bunnies and birds typically ___ instead of walk. (Kids ___, too, when they need to go to the bathroom.)
6. Home ___ and Office ___ are two popular stores for people who need building or office supplies.
9. In Colombia, the rebels kidnap people and keep them as ___s in the jungle. They trade the ___s for money or other things.
10. If you're moving, you'll probably pack all your goods into a moving ___. (Or pay the movers to do it for you.)
12. "We all live in a ___ submarine," sang The Beatles in 1968. (Why was it ___?)
13. Some cultures think that it is wise to keep a "___" on your face so that others do not realize your true emotions.
15. If you "make a ___," you're happy because you just made a lot of money.
16. Farmers and painters usually wear ___ over their regular clothes to protect them from stains or rips.


1. "That was a ___" means that something you experienced, like a roller coaster ride, was a whole lot of fun!
2. If you don't ___ in time to a bill from your credit card company, you will have to pay a penalty.
3. If you don't have the ___ for something, it's distasteful or you don't have the guts to do it.
4. The attempted ___ at the bank in Van Nuys ended up with the suspect getting shot by his own gun.
7. The first time you stand up to deliver a speech, you will naturally be very ___. (But after a minute or two, you'll relax.)
8. It's not polite to ___, but people often ___ their finger at someone they're arguing with.
11. A card ___ in Las Vegas counts the high cards while playing blackjack so that he can improve his chance of winning.
14. The long ___ of the law: the suspect robbed a bank in California and got arrested a month later in Maine.