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2. Some people say that you should earn ___ from others; most people say that you should automatically show ___ to others.
7. If you can't afford the annual ___ taxes on a new home, then you certainly can't afford the mortgage.
8. Water, fertilizer, and weed control are all important factors in ___ care. (Not to mention a ___ mower.)
9. Your dentist will provide a customized mouth ___ for you if you grind your teeth at night. (It's only about $300!)
11. ___ shopping might be a little more difficult in 2010, when Los Angeles bans plastic shopping bags.
13. Baseball batters often have to ___ a wild pitch thrown by an angry pitcher.
14. Two people who are perfect ___s can meet and become a perfectly happy couple.
15. As the price of oil rises, the price to ___ goods from their source to their destination also rises.


1. If someone is ___ or has a ___ streak down his back, he's a coward (a chicken). (But that's okay, because everyone is part chicken and part tiger.)
3. The people in the angry crowd ___ed immediately when the fire hoses blasted them.
4. The ___ you hire to remodel your kitchen might, in turn, hire one or more sub-___s to help him do the job.
5. The cook picked the ___ of hair out of the soup with his fingers.
6. Israel has helped ___ parts of its country from terrorists by building walls.
10. The grass is always greener on the other side of the ___. (Proverb)
12. A ___ is only as strong as its weakest link. (Proverb)