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6. When a wife kills her husband by running over him in the Mercedes, her lawyer will tell the court that she suffered from ___ insanity.
7. A "Silver Cross Balmoral Pram Carriage ___" for your infant retails for $2,999. (That's almost more than your baby cost!)
8. Was the woman who drowned her four young children in the bathtub suffering from a type of ___?
12. If you ___ nag your husband, he will ignore you or leave you. (Or tell you to shut up.)
13. Philippe Petit did something no one else will ever do: In 1974 he ___ walked on a cable 1/4 mile high between the Twin Towers--eight times!
14. People who believe in their ___, like pro-lifers, will try to persuade others to join their ___.
15. If you have a sore ___, a menthol lozenge will help soothe it.


1. Bush said, "You are ___ with the terrorists or against them." After 7 years, though, Bush still hasn't found Osama bin Laden.
2. Fires ___ 7 million acres a year in the US; in 2008, fires ___ed more than 1 million acres in California alone.
3. Everyone ___s about how the politicians waste our money, but the politicians aren't listening.
4. If you have sins to ___, you should see your priest.
5. Tony Snow, former White House ___ for the President, died of colon cancer at the age of 53.
7. Women in high heels and ___ skirts look very sexy.
9. The 13-year-old boy shot into the crowd, hoping to kill a gang member. Instead, he ___ed an 8-year-old girl.
10. If you walk into an ___ restaurant, you expect to see pasta, meatballs, and garlic bread on the menu.
11. A. Let me ___ a little pecan pie for you. B. I'd rather have a ___ of pound cake, thank you.