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4. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is ___, they will always be suspicious about where you go or who you see.
6. Pollution of the air and water is a ___ problem, but many feel it must be solved locally.
8. ___ and ice normally occur during winter if you live in northern areas. (But that may change.)
9. After you finish four years of medical school, you get your real education as an overworked and underpaid ___ at a hospital.
10. If you're going to bury your pet cat in the back yard, you'll need a ___. (And maybe a shoebox.)
11. A recent study indicated that people who ___ more actually live longer than people who ___ less!
13. Many people look back on their days in ___ ___ as the most care-free time of their lives.
14. Your dialect, favorite foods, and interests often reflect the ___ of the country you grew up in.


1. A tuna ___ is a sandwich that usually contains cheese, sprouts, tuna fish, and a slice of sweet onion.
2. "The squeaking wheel gets the grease" means that if you ___ loud enough and often enough, someone will solve your problem.
3. When Wal-Mart comes to a neighborhood, many ___ mom-and-pop stores go out of business.
5. A ___ is a road clearance vehicle that pushes the snow off the roads and onto the sidewalks and driveways. (It's similar to a leafblower.)
7. The police ___d that the victim didn't commit suicide. A pistol was in his right hand, but he was left-handed.
8. If you take long walks on the ___s in your neighborhood, be careful of ridges and cracks that you might trip on.
12. It's important to have food in your stomach and a ___ over your head.