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1. ___ skating is a popular event in the winter Olympics, but the judging is often controversial.
5. He made a list of 100 things he wanted to do before he ___d. (He achieved them all.)
7. Some people believe that ___s have feelings; they talk to their ___s.
8. Cats love to ___ up at the foot of the bed to take a nap.
13. Gold Nugget, Pixie, and Page are three types of ___s growing in orchards in southern California.
15. Alzheimer's disease destroys your ability to ___ family members, including your own spouse.
16. You can say that you understand something, but you prove that you understand it when you can ___ it to someone.


2. Grandpa always ___s when he watches the evening news; he thinks the country is crumbling apart.
3. In the summer in the southwest, thunderstorms develop ___ and then disappear just as ___.
4. A. Have you ___ ___ what time you were born? B. Yes, I have. Mom said I was born at 6:30 am.
6. The news announcer on KFI ___s! How does she keep her job when no one can understand her?
9. Supermarkets and post offices expect their customers to wait ___ in long lines day after day.
10. The presidential candidate was asking for people's trust while he was having an ___ with his wife's best friend.
11. If you're smart, you'll never ___ your old girlfriend while you're with your new girlfriend.
12. Men often go to bars to ___ ___ women. And vice versa.
14. Some kids___ out of bed raring to go. Others have to be dragged out of bed.