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1. If you have an upset ___, it sometimes helps to go to the bathroom. (Or take a couple of Tums.)
4. Once you become a magician, you are not allowed to ___ the secrets of your magic. (Or the Chief Magician will make YOU disappear.)
5. If it walks like a duck, and if it ___s like a duck, it probably is a duck. --Proverb.
6. The doctor thought that Laura's intense stomach ___ was due to stress.
8. The doctor ___d her. Using his stethoscope, he told her to breathe in and then breathe out.
9. During his 8-year "reign," President G.W. Bush was the ___ of countless jokes and political cartoons.
11. Jim is an ___sound technician. Using ___sound, he can "see" and measure the blood flow in heart chambers.
13. Doctors recommend that middle-aged people get a ___ every 5 or 10 years to help prevent colon cancer.


2. While most ___ cysts are harmless, some women experience pelvic pain and require surgery.
3. When the mechanic dug a large nail out of the tire, he ___ knew what had caused the flat.
6. Many people ___ the skin off an apple or a potato, but others prefer to leave the skin on.
7. If you find a ___ whom you trust, your car will be in good hands.
9. A snake crawls on its ___.
10. An elephant has a ___, and so do a car and a tree.
12. A ___, pimple, wart, and tumor seem similar to lay people. (Doctors know what the differences are.)