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2. If you have a splitting ___, it might be a migraine. More men than women have migraines.
4. The public address system at the airport ___ people who are wanted or needed by others.
6. If your English instructor wants you to write an ___, you can cheat by buying an ___ at (Don't do it!)
7. The student ___ed her English writing class after she turned in an essay she had bought online. (See? Don't do it!)
8. The whole family had ___ stomachaches and diarrhea. They figured it was food poisoning.
10. Supporters of ___ ___ lost to NRA supporters when the Supreme Court allowed handgun ownership in Washington, DC.
11. The police officer was giving a handgun safety demonstration when he ___ped the gun; it went off, shooting him in the leg.
13. "This is my own, my ___ land!" --Sir Walter Scott, Scottish writer
14. Even a ___ cut can become infected, so wash and clean all cuts immediately.
15. The bridge collapse was a ___ example of government agencies failing to do their jobs.


1. The algebra teacher tried to explain the solution, but most of the students ___ none of the explanation.
2. ___ in school is a way of preparing you for all the work you'll be taking home from the office.
3. ___ is the dominant language of business people worldwide.
5. With a ___ of only about 3,000 words, you can "get by" in English.
9. The English ___ contains at least 500,000 words, and new words are being added daily!
12. The ink you buy for your ___er is a whole lot more expensive than the $4/gallon gas you put in your car. (Where's the outrage?)