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1. A 12-year-old girl fell 14 stories down a ___ flue in New York City; landing in a pile of soot, she only hurt her hip.
2. If you go to Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, you will see people in costumes and ___s portraying famous movie characters.
5. It's not polite to call someone stupid, or moron, or ___. (So why do we do it so often?)
7. Use ___, sand, water, and gravel to make concrete.
8. The man angrily ___ed the other man, breaking his nose with his forehead.
11. If you're out in the sun a lot, you will get a ___ on the unprotected parts of your body (your arms, for example).
12. The symbol for ___s on a women's rest room door shows a person in a skirt.
13. If someone asks, "What is your ___?", they mean your zodiac sign. That is, are you Capricorn, or Cancer, or what?
14. If you are ___ about a mistake you made, people will often forgive you.


1. Chief Bratton is the top ___ in Los Angeles. He heads the LA Police Department.
2. In the financial world, a ___ fund invests in opposite positions to reduce losses. (It's like calling heads AND tails on the flip of a coin.)
3. The Janet Jackson wardrobe ___ during the 2004 Super Bowl provoked a $550,000 fine against CBS (which was overturned).
4. Don't sit on a park bench if there is a sign on it saying "___ Paint."
6. Broadway is famous for its live ___. Famous actors perform there year around.
9. What is the number one ___ spot in the world? Disneyland? The Grand Canyon? The Eiffel Tower? The Vatican?
10. When he saw the mountain lion looking at him, he jumped up and down and ___ed at it to try to scare it away.