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2. If you have a minor auto ___, you're supposed to exchange driver license information with the other driver.
5. In the Panama Canal Zone, "mules" ___ huge ships through the locks.
6. Lois ___ was Superman's girlfriend; she was a newspaper reporter.
8. Sunset ___ used to be famous in Hollywood because of all the actors and musicians that worked and relaxed in clubs in that area.
9. "___ to it" is similar in meaning to "Hang in there" or "Don't give up."
10. The bus driver was ___ ___ to Missouri when the tire blew out, the driver lost control, and 17 Vietnamese passengers died.
12. The auto accident produced an ___ to her head that was more serious than the ___ to her shoulder.
13. The drive shaft on the diesel truck broke and then pierced one of the fuel tanks, causing a huge oil ___ on Interstate 5.
14. The ___ fuel truck, like all big trucks, was not allowed to be on the 110 freeway. (So, why was it?)
15. Despite the Do Not Enter signs, the drunk drove up the exit ___ and then continued the wrong way on the freeway. (But not for long!)


1. Many towns used to have a town ___; in the center was city hall, surrounded on four sides by streets and stores.
3. The US Department of ___ is responsible for international trade, the census, and patents (among other things).
4. If you take a stroll on any mountain trails in southern California, be on the ___ for mountain lions and bears.
7. The man was arrested for making two false 911 ___ calls. (Both calls were about an improperly made sandwich from Subway.)
9. Is anything commercial free? Even PBS and NPR have ___s who help pay for the costs of producing each program.
11. Biodiesel and ethanol are two types of ___ that are made from plants.