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1. The waiter ___ spilled the drink on the customer. Even though he apologized, the customer shot him dead and ran away.
4. If you're interested in information about outer ___, visit the web site
5. ___, investigators said, the pilot switched from the full tank of fuel to an empty tank. They think that's why the plane crashed.
8. The ___s of two unrelated people having the same DNA are astronomical.
11. A dumpster is one type of ___; milk cartons and cardboard boxes are other types of ___s.
12. Will US troops ever be removed from Iraq, or will they be there ___?
14. Put ___ materials--paper, glass, and plastics--into their proper containers so they can be recycled.
16. His new Lincoln was parked in the 8-car ___ behind his apartment building.


2. If you have a problem with your local government, call or visit ___ ___. (Don't expect miracles.)
3. Ed's secretary gave him this ___ from his wife: "Meet me at Burger King at noon. I'll treat."
6. After several eye ___s, brow ___s, and face ___s, she became known as the Cat Lady.
7. His boss told him to make 8 copies of the report "on the ___" (immediately).
9. If you're remodeling your kitchen or entire house, you can rent a big trash ___ from
10. People ___ to the Internet via cable, phone, DSL, or dial-up service.
13. The project got the ___ light from the boss because he thought it would be profitable.
15. "Keep a ___ on this," she whispered to him. "I don't want anyone else to know about it."