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1. If you're looking for a ___ that you will love, become a teacher!
4. People used to get ___ ___; now they are downsized.
8. According to NBC, the ___ world is going to watch the 2008 Olympics.
9. "If you ___ ___ with washing the dishes, I'll ___ ___ with painting the bedroom," Sara told Bob.
13. A ___ between a couple with young children will involve the issues of child custody and child support.
14. Some Californians think that ___ the earth has been baking, there will be shaking. (The Bake and Shake theory of earthquakes.)
15. ___es, which can reach destructive speeds of 300 mph, rarely occur in the morning. (Sleep in!)
16. Eleanor Roosevelt was a homely, if not ___, woman who had a long life of achievement. (Looks have nothing to do with talent.)


2. A: The food and service at that restaurant were terrible. B: Don't ___ me. I'm trying to forget.
3. US troops that transferred from Afghanistan to Iraq might have to ___ ___ to Afghanistan.
5. The drunk ___ed that he was okay to drive; no one believed him.
6. Daughters tend to ___ mom in their looks, while sons tend to ___ dad.
7. A little ___ told him to leave a note on the windshield of the car he had just backed into. (Do the right thing!)
10. Some men consider their girlfriend or wife to be their personal ___--that is, someone they own.
11. Tuition for California residents at community colleges is $20 per unit. (Cheap!)
12. If you look up "___s" in the yellow pages, you will be referred to "attorneys," with many, many pages.