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1. The plane crashed because of a low ___ that caused the pilot to hit some trees on a hilltop.
3. Competitors who wear the new Acme swimsuits have a slight ___ over those who don't wear them (according to Acme).
7. If you don't ___ ___ ___ your teeth with regular brushing and flossing, you might lose them.
9. An ___ in the local newspaper revealed that the mayor had been arrested for driving under the influence.
12. "If you don't get a ___ on your temper, I'm going to refer you to an anger management counselor," said the boss.
13. A hockey ___ is necessary for scoring, but it can also be a dangerous weapon in the hands of an angry player.
14. Summer in the high desert is a time of thunderstorms that cause sudden down___s and flash flooding.
15. Before you put paint anything, put ___ on it first. The ___ seals the surface and helps the paint cling to the ___.
16. There is ___ paint and flat paint. ___ is shiny, like what girls use for their lipstick.


2. A ___ bucket holds a container of paint and your brushes while you are standing on the ___. (See
4. Gina forgot to turn off her TV, so she ___ ___ into her apartment to turn the TV off.
5. A wood or an aluminum ___ has hinges and opens up like the letter 'A.' People climb on it to change light bulbs near the ceiling.
6. He was ___ confused when he saw the pretty woman smiling and waving at him, but she was looking at someone behind him.
8. Little Giant makes ladders that function as stepladders and ___ ladders, which are adjustable from 9 feet to 15 feet (or higher).
10. The rude and impatient man ___ed his way through the crowd, bumping several people aside.
11. Many people place ___s into their shoes to provide more arch support and comfort.