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3. John Edwards said that he had "___ not" been having an affair; that rumor was simply "tabloid trash."
4. At the pharmacy, you can buy a pill ___ that has a separate compartment for each day of the week.
6. Some people will ___ about almost anything; if you say it's 60 degrees, they will say that it feels more like 62 degrees.
8. Many people feel it isn't ___ to check their spelling when they have spell-check software. (They're wrong.)
9. ___ is the world's #1 retailer. It has 4,000 stores in the US, 1,000 in Mexico, and 200 in China.
12. Make sure you understand everything in a ___ before you sign and date it.
14. The US ___s as much oil in a day as China, Japan, Germany, Russia, and India (numbers 2-6 in daily consumption) combined.
15. ___ Limbaugh, a loyal Republican, is a popular radio talk show host making $20 million a year.
16. When you're on the Internet, how wonderful is the "___ ___ one page" button? (It's fantastic!)


1. Southern California Edison will haul away your working ___ for free and also give you $50 that you may use to help buy a new Energy Star ___.
2. The lawyer's 78-year-old ___ was charged with murder. She killed her 85-year-old boyfriend in the nursing home because he found a new girlfriend.
5. ___ ___ to containing copper, bronze contains tin.
7. The statue of ___ Freeth, pioneer surfer, was stolen from Redondo Beach pier, where it had been for 31 years. It was 88% copper.
10. The executive couldn't ___ a meeting with the saleswoman ___ his busy schedule that week.
11. A ___ fills drop by drop. --Buddha
13. The drunk driver, with his 3 drunk companions, crashed into the ___ of an oak tree at 2 am, killing everyone instantly.