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1. She ___ed when the man on the bicycle tried to steal her purse that she had placed in the shopping cart.
6. ___, police will conceal some details about a murder case in order to catch the murderer.
9. ___ Keaton was one of America's funniest silent film stars in the 1920s.
11. Bob thought he was a big spender when he took Sara to Burger King for dinner on their date. She, however, thought he was a ___.
13. The little girl ___ed in pain as the firemen tried to extract her from the smashed car.
14. Gil says that he never ___s, yet he claims he saw a 14-foot tall bear in the mountains last week.


1. Jean ate all the ___, saying it was delicious. Then her friends revealed to her that she just ate raw fish.
2. Because of her wealthy father's influence, Sharon belonged to many ___ clubs and organizations.
3. Michael Phelps ___d his mom he would do his best to win 8 gold medals in the Summer Olympics.
4. Her yellow skirt had a ___ed hem, with "scoops" all around the edges.
5. The baseball manager ___ed at the umpire about his bad call at home plate.
7. Russia invaded Georgia and kept attacking even after Georgia ___ed.
8. During an ___, ham radio operators often assist rescuers and victims.
9. If anyone can ___ about being a great swimmer nowadays, it's Michael Phelps. (But he's too modest to ___.)
10. He took a ___ out of the fig and immediately spit it out. It was dry and bitter.
12. Richard Carlson, Ph.D., wrote a popular book called "Don't ___ the Small Stuff" (1997) and then died suddenly at the age of 45.
13. When grandpa walked out of the bathroom with the newspaper, grandma ___ed the grandkids to hold their nose.