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1. We humans are ___ for taking care of our planet.
4. The washer and dryer are in the ___ room.
7. I will pay you as soon as you send me the ___ showing prices for each item.
8. The Carl's Hamburger commercials often show a ___ eating a burger that drips all over his face, hands, and pants.
9. The diplomats ___d about the problem in Georgia--if Russia refused to leave Georgia, then what?
12. You can ___ for cheating on me, but I will never forgive you.
14. ___ that grin off your face! You should be ashamed of yourself for what you just did.
15. The rubber raft developed a ___ after hitting a rock in the rapids.
17. The 5-year-old wrestling ___ smelled strongly of sweat and body odor. (Time to buy a new one.)


2. If you ___ your finger at me one more time, I will break it off.
3. A ___ does not have to be licensed or bonded. That's why he's cheaper than other repairmen.
5. She watched in ___ as the bus slowly backed into her parked car.
6. He soaked the vegetables in the kitchen ___, and then drained the water.
10. Somehow, the plumber managed to put the ___ on backwards; to increase the amount of water, Sara had to turn the ___ counterclockwise.
11. ___ TV news is 21 minutes of car chases, murders, celebrity news, new studies, and cute animal stories. (Plus the weather.)
13. Movie producers used to pay ___s (real people) to fill in the crowd scenes; now, computer graphics fill in many crowd scenes.
16. The full-page ___ announced that the restaurant was offering two meals for the price of one that weekend.