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4. Many countries require that workers get an annual ___, but some countries (e.g., China and the US) don't.
7. In civil court, a plaintiff files a ___ against a defendant. The plaintiff often asks for money.
10. You say you love me, but you don't ___ me as if you love me.
11. Some people adorn themselves with shiny ___ on their ears, necks, and wrists.
12. After receiving a half-hour ___ from the masseur, she felt like a new woman.
14. Intel and AMD make dual-core processors for ___ and desktop computers.
17. That movie was a ___. I laughed so much that my throat was sore.
18. Nowadays many SUV owners want to ___ in their SUVs for cars that get better mileage, but dealers don't want SUVs. (They can't sell them.)
19. Concrete ___s are part of many buildings and houses.
20. The professor and his wife were ___ people, often inviting complete strangers to their home. One day, two teenage boys murdered them.
21. A ___ is the robe-like clothing that monks, nuns, and other religious people customarily wear.


1. The female general asked the private if he liked being in the Army. "Oh, yes ___," he replied. "I love the Army, ___."
2. Prince Charles and his two sons are part of England's ___. (So is Queen Elizabeth.)
3. If you're going to catch a ___ from LA to NY, be prepared to pay extra for your bags, water, food, and pillows. (The oxygen masks are free.)
5. The alligator ___d beneath the water as the deer approached to get a drink.
6. If a loved one dies, the cost of a ___ (including burial) will be at least $6,000.
8. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, and deep breathing are popular forms of ___.
9. Super-heated water shoots out of the many ___s on the ocean floor.
13. Octopuses have many ___ cups (or suckers) on their arms.
15. If you can't handle the ___, you probably won't make it to the top in professional sports. (Tiger loves ___!)
16. Her friends say that she married ___ her; she could have picked a wealthier, better-educated man for a husband.
17. Because of Bob's complaints about chest pain, his doctor ordered him to get on the treadmill for a ___ test.