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2. The Freedom Tower, replacing the Twin Towers, will reach a ___ of 1,776 feet.
4. If you don't ___ your boat to the dock, your boat might float away.
7. The child's doll was ___red beyond recognition by the fire.
8. The two small planes collided and then ___ed straight down into the small lake.
10. Numerous fires have occurred recently at Griffith Park. Officials say some were ___ set, but most were deliberately set.
12. In 2012, the Olympic ___ will be carried by runners from Athens to London, where it will ignite the huge flame in the stadium's cauldron.
13. In the past, if you had ___ed the Washington Monument by walking, you would have climbed 897 steps. (The stairs are now closed.)
15. California is seeking to ban helium ___s because they cause power outages when they hit electric lines.
16. "___s for sale or rent, Rooms to let 50 cents." --lyrics, "King of the Road"
18. Sometimes the Air Force shoots a missile into the night sky that produces ___ colors, like fireworks.
19. The members of the climbing team were ___ing from the peak of K2 when an avalanche killed most of them.
20. ___ is a region in France best known for the sparkling white wine that it produces.
21. The fireman got ___s on both his hands.


1. The bronze ___ of a surfer was stolen from the pier and probably sold as scrap metal.
3. Because of an ___ to his knee, Tiger Woods had to sit out most of the 2008 golf season.
4. The bald eagle ___s, even though more than 100,000 of them were shot and killed in the early 1900s.
5. The book was so fascinating that I read the ___ thing in one night.
6. At the Olympics, athletes and coaches ___ each other so much that you'd think there was a gold medal for hugging.
9. The Olympic diver slipped off the board, ___ing his chances for a good score on that dive.
11. Michael Phelps and his teammates had reason to ___ after he won his 8th Olympic gold medal.
14. The mother of 3 was in the crosswalk when the driver ran over her. She's in ___ condition in the hospital; the driver disappeared.
17. It ___red to him that, since many other drivers also had tinted front windows, he could just ignore the police warning to remove his tint.