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1. He spit out the milk because of the ___ taste. The expiration date on the carton was 2 days ago.
2. The maid ___ed the towels neatly and placed them in the cart.
5. The motel ___ handed the traveler the room key and said good night.
6. Many people take ___ knives and forks with them on picnics because they're lightweight and disposable.
8. At a convention or seminar, the organizers often give you a name ___ to place on your shirt.
11. Where are all the attractive ___ women? It seems like every pretty woman already has a boyfriend or husband.
13. The president of the US used to ___ out the first pitch of the baseball season.
16. If you have a pleasant ___, people are attracted to you.
17. Soccer players use their feet and ___s to strike the ball.


1. "Don't ___ the Small Stuff" is the title of a popular book by Richard Carlson.
3. On a hot day, you'd better ___ the ice cream in a cone really fast before the ice cream melts all over you.
4. What is more pleasant than walking from outside in the hot sun into an ___-___ building?
5. If you don't ___ the application form, it will end up in the trash can.
7. The ___ in the bank took quite a while because the computer was down.
9. The ___ standing in line attacked the gunman who tried to rob the store clerk.
10. The rope broke when she ___ed on it; it was an old rope.
12. Don't leave your clothes on the floor. Put them on a ___ or into a drawer.
14. After you buy something of value, make sure you hold onto your ___ in case you want to return it.
15. The ___s of sweat on his forehead indicated how hot it was outside.